Three Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Griddle

If you’re looking for a way to cook with minimal cleanup, an electric griddle may be your saving grace.

Griddles are a great way to make your cooking experience much less complicated and messy. This is especially true when your griddle is an electric one, and you may find yourself wondering why you didn’t invest in one sooner. Electric griddles provide a large cooking surface that allow you to cook a lot more at once than you’re used to, without the mess of multiple pans and stovetop space. Additionally, heat across the surface will be more even distributed with an electric griddle compared to one that fits over burners. Here are a few other things to keep in mind as you shop.

Premium Non-Stick

A slide-out drip tray allows for easier cleaning. Presto

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How many people are you looking to cook for with your griddle? If you plan to do some heavy cooking and for more than four hungry mouths, you’ll want to opt for an electric griddle that is large with plenty of surface area for you to cook on. Cooking a lot of food on a large surface at one time is much easier than cooking in small batches.

Extra Cooking Space

The aluminum base is warp proof, and the optimal cooking temperature is maintained automatically. BLACK+DECKER

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Something like pancakes will cook at a lower temperature than something like bacon. But what if you want to cook both at the same time? Look for an electric griddle that comes with dual thermostats so you can cook different things and different temperatures, at the same time. Bonus points if you find an electric griddle that has a warming tray you can pull out to keep food warm while you’re preparing something else.

Dishwasher Safe

You can use it to simultaneously prepare two different items using different settings. Hamilton Beach

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Turn your electric griddle into a grill with an insert that makes your griddle your backyard best friend. You can even do a griddle/grill combo that allows you to make multiple things at once that require different styles of cooking. Make sure the inserts are easy to pop in and out, and easy to wash. Dishwasher-safe is even better!