Three Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Kettle

Small, portable, electric kettles are a great alternative to preparing hot beverages, especially if you’re particular about temperature or taste.

The tyranny of the shrieking kettle on the stove is over. Electric kettles are here, and they’re just so easy to use. Everything from coffee, to tea, to ramen is just the flick of a switch away. But there’s actually a lot of variation within this device category. You’ve got high-end rigs striving for the pinnacle of precision, and you’ve got simple water boilers. Which is right for you? Here are a few thoughts that can help.


Big amongst coffee connoisseurs everywhere, this gooseneck rig is perfect for pour over coffee or tea, with finely tuned adjustable heat, and even a brew timer. Fellow Stagg

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If, for you, coffee (or tea) is all about the taste and the subtle nuances of flavors, you’re probably going to want a kettle that can dial-in the temperature to exactly what you want. When you can get exact, you can experiment with different flavor profiles and find exactly what you want. Adjustability comes at a price, but for flavor-chasers, it may be worth it.


If you want perfect pour over coffee without breaking the bank, this stainless steel, gooseneck kettle that features five preset temperatures is a great option. COSORI

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This goes beyond simply “liking coffee.” If you’ve got a pour-over rig, and you want to use it, a kettle with a long, skinny gooseneck spout is really going to serve you well. Not only does it allow you to pour with extreme accuracy, you won’t lose heat along the way. This design is great for loose-leaf tea, too.


Just flip the switch, and you’ll have boiling water in no time, and there is an automatic shut-off for added safety. Amazon

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For the vast majority of us, we just want a faster, easier way to boil water. The good news is that you’ll be saving a lot of money, as simpler electric kettles cost a lot less. Generally, you just flip a switch, and in a few minutes, you’ve got boiling water. What could be easier? Make sure you get one with an automatic shut-off, though.