It’s really hard to climb to the top of a leader-board on any game you’re playing if your back is cramping, your fingers are going numb, and your feet are falling asleep. That’s why any serious gamer needs a good gaming chair (though they’re great for offices, too). Being able to keep your body properly aligned will make you gaming less painful and more joyful. But there’s a lot of variation out there in the world of gaming chairs. From adjustability to ergonomics, to fun extras, here are three things to look at when buying a gaming chair.

This model has an adjustable head and lumbar pillows. RESPAWN

If you’re getting a chair specifically for gaming, chances are you’re hoping to spend a lot of time in it. Assuming that’s the case, you want to find a chair that supports you. That means not just your upper back, but your lower lumbar region, too. Look for a model that uses quality, high-density foam, too, as that will be comfortable and yet supportive.

This model has a built-in masseuse. VON RACER

No two bodies have the same shape, and that’s why it’s so important your chair is adjustable. You want to be able to set chair height, the angle of the back, the height of the arms, and ideally even the tilt of the chair so your body is perfectly aligned. Look for chairs with a high degree of flexibility.

Easy to Assemble

This model has audio capabilities built-in. GTRACING

You’d be amazed at some of the special features that get packed into gaming chairs. Some have built-in speakers that transport you to the world of your game. Some even have vibrating motors, so if you crash or take damage in your game, you can feel it, and built-in back massagers. While these features aren’t necessarily something you need in a gaming chair, they are nice to have if you’re sitting for a long time.