Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Food Grinder

Food grinders and food processors are two different things, so be sure you know what you’re purchasing.

Food grinders are also known as meat grinders. While they can be used to grind other things, the number one use is for grinding meat. Though these are not always the first kitchen appliances people think to purchase, you’ll likely find yourself using it more than imagined.

Power Source

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Unless you want to grind foods by hand, get one with an electric motor. KitchenAid

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Not all grinders are electric. Some are manual, and some people prefer to use that type of device. Depending on your personal preference, make sure the food grinder you’re looking at pairs well with your kitchen style. Electric means you flip a switch and you’re ready to rock and roll. However, electric grinders tend to be large and more expensive than a manual grinder. Manual grinders require some physical effort, are typically less expensive than electric, and take up less space in a kitchen.


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Look for a specific type of body to ensure it lasts longer. KENOME

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Many food grinders (both manual and electric) come equipped with a plastic body. While this makes a grinder less expensive and lightweight, it sometimes doesn’t measure up when it comes to durability. For a more durable food grinder, look for one that has a metal frame or one that has an aluminum body built to withstand serious usage.

Ease of Use

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If your model isn’t a piece of cake to operate, you likely never reach for it. STX INTERNATIONAL

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Whatever grinder model you select, make sure it’s easy to use. This is especially critical if you plan to use it on a regular basis—which again begs the questions of whether an electric or manual one is better for you, as well as where you store it in your kitchen (i.e.: accessibility). If your food grinder is in an awkward or hard-to-reach place, you likely won’t use it as much.