Once a gamer hops aboard the Battle Bus, there is no turning back. They jump out and deploy onto the island and soon their boots meet turf, just meters away from their opponents who are also frantically searching for a weapon to eliminate them. The action is intense and requires dedication to match. With Fortnite, you’re either in, or you’re out—there is no casual gamer. So, for the diehard Fortnite player in your house, not just any gift will do. Show you understand the drive and creativity it takes to rise to the challenge and come out victorious.


Add a touch of decorative awesomeness to their room with this fashionable and super soft Fortnite Bed Set, which includes a reversible comforter. Jay Franco

From the design of a glider, to a custom gun wrap, to a rare outfit, one of the lures of Fortnite is the game’s cosmetics. The better one looks, the better one feels, the better one plays. Now you can apply a gamer’s favorite look-and-feel to their twin bed.

Battle Bus

This 13-inch-tall Battle Bus includes exclusive Burnout and Funk Ops 2-inch action figures and Victory Umbrella. Fortnite

Collecting outfits is one of the most addicting aspects of playing Fortnite and the designs keep getting more awesome. While you can only show off one outfit in-game at a time, collecting figures and toys is a fun way to enjoy the game offscreen and without remote controllers.

Blast ‘Em

This Sp-R blaster is inspired by the blaster used in Fortnite and it has the same look and color as the one used in the popular video game. NERF

This Sp-R blaster is nearly identical to the blaster used in Fortnite and it comes with three llama targets and six NERF foam darts. There’s no need to scour city and rural landmarks or inspect every chest in search of the perfect gun like you would in the game when you can handpick your own with NERF’s new Fortnite lineup.