If you’re getting serious about PC gaming, you know that a little slip of the mouse can cost you your (virtual) life. The speed and competitiveness of modern gaming means that you need every advantage you can get. The mouse is your main interface in many of the most popular games. It’s essentially your dominant hand, and ideally you can move it without even thinking about it. Here’s what to think about when you’re shopping for your next device.

Light Speed

Designed for and with pro gamers, the one millisecond response time and 16,000 DPI sensor make it one of the most advances mice ever built. Logitech G

Speed and accuracy are the two most important factors. If your mouse doesn’t report your movement just as you’re making it, then you might miss your shot, or take a bullet. Similarly, accuracy is key. You want to be able to just point, and not worry about having to recalibrate when you get there. Look for low report rates (like 1ms) for speed, and high DPI resolutions (like 16,000) for accuracy.

Great Value

This features removable multiple control configurations to maximize your options. Razer

One of the best things about a gaming-specific mouse is that they usually have extra buttons which you can program to do specific things in specific games. That might be swapping items, a special move, or even something that it would take a bunch of keystrokes on your keyboard to accomplish. Look for mice that offer a lot of flexibility and how you can use them.

Also Consider

This affordable model features a long-lasting battery and a grip-friendly shape. Logitech G

All of the features in the world aren’t going to make a difference if your fingers can’t reach them. This will be a bit different from person to person, but you want to find a mouse that feels good in your hand. One that lets your hand sit naturally and doesn’t introduce any extra strain. Your gaming sessions will be a lot more comfortable for a lot longer.