Three Things to Consider Before You Buy a Garden Kneeler

Protect your joints while enjoying the hobbies you love.

When you’re weeding, scrubbing a floor or even bathing a kid in your bath, some knee cushioning comes in real handy. Here’s what you need to know about kneelers before you click “add to cart.”

Lightweight and Durable

Available in eight colors, this atextured bolster comes with a section that pops out to create a handle. Gorilla Grip

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Before you purchase your kneeling mat, it’s worth checking out the surface. A textured surface means you’re less likely to slip off of it, and it should grip better if you’re using it on a smooth floor. But some people complain that a textured pattern can imprint on the skin and cause discomfort, so bear this in mind too.

Two Size Options

This offers high-density protection and comes in five different colors. RED Home Club

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You might be buying your kneeler so you can garden in comfort, but it’s worth remembering all the other occasions when a knee pad might be useful. From bathing children, to adding logs to the fire, not to mention plumbing and mechanical works and exercise classes—a kneeler can be invaluable all around the home, so don’t leave it stashed in your garden shed.

Versatile Design

This comes with a frame to sit on and has integrated storage. TomCare

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If you’re prepared to spend a little more, you’ll find that a kneeler can come with increased functionality. Some pads come with frames that can be used as a seat, and give you space to store tools, sprays, seeds, and anything else you might need to hand while gardening. By ensuring it’s all your items in one place, you won’t have any issues locating what you need.