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Kids are busy these days. Sometimes they’re even busier than you. School, sports, and electronic entertainment all take up so much of a child’s day. Throw in friends and various family obligations, and it can be hard to get your son or daughter out on the water.

That’s why it’s crucial to make those first few fishing experiences fun and rewarding. It’s your job to not just show them how to fish—your job is to make fishing awesome. Here are three ways to do just that.

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Make sure the fishing rod you get is designed for small hands and is easy to cast. While such a rod may look weak compared to an adult version, the goal here is to make sure your kid doesn’t get overwhelmed with the tackle. When you’re teaching your kid how to cast, he or she must be totally in control of the rod in order to learn how to do it properly. One disappointment early on can take a long time to overcome.

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Don’t just give your kid a downsized fishing rod and then tie on your hooks and lures. Gift your kid with an assortment of tackle that will be his or hers forever. Your job will be to help explain what it’s all for, and them help them use it on the water. A kid catching a first fish with his or her own gear—not mom’s or dad’s—will make your child feel confident, proud, and grown up.

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It’s easier to gather bait—dig worms, chase grasshoppers, net minnows—than it is to catch fish. It’s fun, and any kid can do it. That means your kid can have success and feel rewarded, even before they go fishing. Gather bait together and you’ll have a great memory.