Between the Joker, the Riddler, Penguin, Two-Face, Catwoman, Bane, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and countless other villains who run amok in Gotham, Batman has no shortage of bad guys and gals he must contend with. Similarly, if you’re looking for a Batman-themed gift for a kid obsessed with the Caped Crusader, sorting through the dizzying number of options available can be daunting. Here are three that are sure to please.

This R/C car runs on 4 C-sized batteries (included). Imaginext

Kids can zoom Batman to the scene with this remote-controlled Batmobile, then transform it to battle mode to take down Gotham City’s evildoers with flying disks.

Great Value

This one features a hand brake that engages both rear wheels. Hauck

Your little Dark Knight will be able speed his or her way around the streets of Gotham in this pedal-powered go-kart. The seat adjusts to grow with your child and the kart will support kids up to 120 pounds.

Also Consider

This sleep cover is washer- and dryer-safe. Franco

Protecting Gotham City from super villains all day can be exhausting. Tuck your little hero in for a restful night’s sleep with this 46×60-inch plush microfiber throw.