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Trying to choose just the right Stranger Things gift for a kid who loves the popular show can make you feel like you’re in the Upside Down. While toys in general have evolved quite a bit since the mid-1980s, when the show is set, some classic favorites remain popular—albeit with a Stranger Things motif—as you’ll see in this roundup of popular gift ideas.

Upside Down Lego Set

This complex LEGO set is rated for kids 16 and over. LEGO

The parallel universe known as the Upside Down comes to life in block form with this 2,287-piece LEGO reproduction of the Byers’ house. The set comes with eight mini versions of show characters, including Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Joyce, Hopper, and the Demogorgon.

Stranger Things Monopoly

The search is on for Will Byers (again) with this “Stranger Things” edition of Monopoly. Monopoly

This Stranger Things inspired version of the timeless boardgame features ‘80s-themed tokens, Walkie Talkie and Blinking Lights cards instead of Chance and Community Chest cards, and Forts and Hideouts instead of houses and hotels. Buy and sell locations from the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, as you move around the board in search of Will.

Stranger Things D&D

This version of D&D comes with two Demogorgon figures, including one that’s paintable. Hasbro Gaming

Dungeons & Dragons is the original role-playing game, and a favorite of the kids in the movie. With this version, choose from characters like Will the Wise and Dustin the Dwarf as you embark on the Hunt for the Thessalhydra, the same adventure created by Stranger Things character Mike Wheeler.