Babies are gear-intensive, and if you know someone who will be giving birth for the first time, she’s going to need a lot of it. Baby showers are the traditional ceremony of gifting a mom-to-be, and while she may have a gift registry to let people know what she’d like, there are a few things that she’s going to need which may not be on there. Here are three gifts to consider for that new mom.

Diaper Changing Table

Delta’s changing table has two shelves, decorative rails, and a safety strap. Delta Children

These stands are the workhorses of the nursery and make changing a baby’s diaper—never a fun-filled task—as easy and as problem-free as possible. First, they have rails around the sides to keep the baby safe while you put on the safety strap. Second, they’re set at a height that eliminates the need for a parent to bend down (which is something that new parents do constantly). Third, the better diaper changing tables have shelves beneath the table top for storage of diapers, wipes, ointments, and baby clothes. That means everything a parent needs is literally right at hand. Look for a table with a water-resistant pad that can be wiped down after use.

Baby Bathtub

The Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat tub has removable stoppers along its bottom, allowing a custom fit for the baby. Fisher-Price

Babies can’t hold their heads erect, which makes a baby bathtub a must-have item for cleaning them. These tubs hold the baby in a secure reclining position, allowing the parent to soap and shampoo the baby without devoting one hand to keeping the baby upright. Look for a baby bathtub with a drain plug, and one that can be modified to fit the baby as it grows, eliminating the need to buy larger tubs a couple of times a year.

Spa Gift Set

LifeAround2Angels’ gift set contains 12 bath bombs, in scents ranging from Black Raspberry Vanilla to Mango Papaya, and are hand-crafted in the USA. LifeAround2Angels

Changing dirty diapers, wiping up spit-up, and getting out of bed several times a night to tend to a crying baby takes a physical and emotional toll. They often leave a new mom feeling strung out, sleep-deprived, and less than glamorous. Giving her something that is just for her, such as a spa gift set, shows that you recognize that mom’s need for alone time. A gift such as a collection of bath bombs allows mom to luxuriate in a fizzy, pleasantly scented, moisturizing bath, giving her a much-needed break from the baby and restoring her soul. Give that gift along with a couple of coupons promising free baby-tending duty, and you may wind up giving that new mom the best gift of all—her old self.