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When it comes to buying gifts for a golfer, trying to make a selection can be a little confusing. After all, don’t they already have everything they need? And won’t they be picky about what underneath all that wrapping paper? Actually, there are some items a golfer needs at least one of in his or her closet. When shopping for a present for golfers, here are three gift ideas that will put a spring in their step while walking up to the green.

Gold Pants

These lightweight five-pocket golf pants are made from a combination of nylon and spandex. Adidas

Golf pants have come a long way since the olden days when plaid and heavy materials were the order of the day. New lightweight, high-tech fabrics made to breathe, flex and manage moisture have taken over the market, leaving golfers more comfortable, and looking more fashionable, than ever. Many pants also feature anti-microbial and UV-protective fabrics to fight the bacteria present in perspiration and protect golfers from the sun’s harmful rays. Some models even blend cotton with polyester and spandex to provide traditional styling with modern, cutting-edge performance. Other features that a good pair of golf pants typically offers are a gripping waistband for keeping shirts tucked in and easy-access pockets for retrieving ball markers, tees and other items.

Golf Shirts

This 100-percent polyester golf shirt is designed to wick moisture away from the body in hot weather. Amazon

Golf shirts also make great gifts and some can make quite a fashion statement. As with pants, go with materials that are smooth and breathable since they’ll be most comfortable. Breathable fabrics help avoid skin irritation and also provide moisture-wicking to keep skin dry, even when it’s hot and golfers perspire a lot. For maximum comfort, choose golf shirts that allow a full range of motion. Shirts with four-way stretch fabric provide the best mobility for golfers. Since ultraviolet rays from the sun can be harmful for skin, many companies make golf shirts with UV resistance to protect golfers from developing skin cancer and other serious skin conditions.

Golf Gloves

These golf gloves feature a premium Cabretta leather thumb and palm patch. FootJoy

Serious golfers go through several gloves a year, so golf gloves make a great gift for the golfer who seems to already have everything. Golfers typically wear their glove on their top hand as it relates to their grip position, while others choose to wear gloves on both hands to protect them from calluses. Concerning materials, leather gloves are very soft and comfortable, but tend to wear out rather quickly. Gloves made of synthetic materials, while not as comfortable, are less expensive and last longer than all-leather golfing gloves.