Handwarmers are a nice creature comfort in cold weather, and they’re great for warming chilled hands between runs. HotHands HotHands

Do you know or are related to someone who loves snowboarding, but you can’t figure out what gift to buy them? You could come right out and ask them, but that wouldn’t be any fun and would spoil the surprise. Fortunately, we did a little research for you. Here are three ideas that you won’t go wrong with the next time you’re both celebrating a special occasion.


This lightweight snowboarding helmet comes in 22 different colors. Smith Optics

Snowboarding is a fast, sometimes out-of-control sport that has many possible pitfalls, not the least of which is whacking your noggin on a tree or some other equally hard object. Of course, most people have hard heads, but they’re not quite that hard. A good helmet is a must-have item and is also a great gift. A good snowboarding helmet will have a hard outer shell, typically made of ABS high-impact plastic, and an interior liner that is designed to help absorb impacts made to the head area. Look for a helmet that covers the whole head, including the ears, has a moisture-wicking liner to keep sweat away from the head, and is filled with enough insulation to keep someone’s head warm when it’s extremely cold and the wind is blowing.


These frameless goggles feature a detachable-lens system so users can change the color of the lens. juli eyewear

A good pair of goggles keeps eyes from freezing shut, as well as preventing foreign objects from injuring eyes as someone snowboards downhill. The best snowboarding goggles have polarized lenses with UV protection. These reduce glare from the sunlight reflecting off the snow and shield out dangerous UV rays, which can cause eye damage. Good snowboarding goggles also have anti-fogging features like double lenses, which discourage condensation from forming when warm breath makes contact with a cold lens. Goggles that come with a couple of different color lenses are the most versatile as different lighting conditions lend themselves to lenses of different hues.

Hand Warmers

These air-activated handwarmers provide up to 10 hours of heat for cold days on the slopes. HotHands

Gloves or no gloves, hands can get cold when snowboarding on really cold days or in really crappy weather. Air-activated hand warmers can give the gift of warm hands in even the coldest conditions. These simple, single-use packs heat up when the package is opened to expose them to the air, and will remain hot, thus effective, for up to 10 hours. To keep your hands warm, you can either put them down into your gloves or hold them in your ungloved hand. It only takes these handwarmers 15 to 20 minutes to reach a maximum warmth of 150 to 160 degrees. In fact, air-activated handwarmers are a great gift for not only snowboarders, but also for skiers, hunters, anglers, hikers, campers, backpackers and many other outdoors lovers.