Could there be an easier guy to find gifts for than an avid turkey hunter? Really—and you know this—even if he already has 16 different calls, he’ll always love one more. It just might have that special tone he needs to convince a hung-up gobbler that he’s really about to get everything he’s being promise—but if a gift of yet another call is kind of passé, here are three sure-fire gifts he does need to make his turkey hunting way more comfortable. He’ll be thinking of you fondly in next spring’s turkey woods.

Weighs about 7 pounds. ALPS OutdoorZ

Vests designed for turkey hunting should not only have convenient and fitted storage for the often odd-shaped calls and tools carried, it’s requisite that they’re built for wearing and sitting comfort. This vest is made on a comfortable frame that features a nifty fold-out ‘kick-stand’ padded seat, enabling a quick and comfortable sit. It is highly adjustable and includes a sternum strap and a cell-phone holder, as well as a box call pocket designed to eliminate the ‘squeak.’

Here’s a great ground blind, waterproof with room for two and plenty of zippered and screened shooting options. Ameristep

Nothing beats a ground blind placed where turkeys pass or congregate. Ground blinds hide movement inside them, enabling a turkey hunter to shift for a better shooting angle, use a friction call without the motion giving him away, and even pour a cup of coffee while sitting in a comfortable chair, waiting for that gobbler to respond and mosey into the decoy spread.

This low-profile folding chair weighs 7 pounds and can hold 300. Browning

Sooner or later, the classic turkey hunting pose trying to sit motionless on the ground against a tree will get old. While your butt maps out the tree root system your back finds the errant branch stub, and while you’re pre-occupied with getting comfortable that group of gobblers is being highly entertained before they boogie on out. Use a chair like this one to get and stay comfortable and see more turkeys.