Whether people run for exercise, camaraderie, just to get into the great outdoors, or a combination of those factors and others, running is as popular as it has ever been. Consequently, just about all Americans know someone or have someone in their family who is an avid runner. If you’re never been involved in running, choosing a gift for such a person might seem complicated. In truth, it’s really quite simple. To help you shop for your running friend or family member, you can’t go wrong with these three ideas.


These no-show running socks are made with a moisture-wicking fabric and feature mesh ventilation panels to keep feet cool and dry. Balega

Next to good, well-fitted shoes, which runners are very choosy about picking for themselves, a good pair of socks can make the difference between a comfortable run and one that leaves someone with blisters afterward. Compared to regular everyday socks, running socks are built with cushioning in mind since runners regularly pound the pavement for miles at a time. A good pair of running socks will also feel tight around the mid-foot and heel, while having plenty of room for the runner’s toes. Running socks come in a variety of heights, and that decision is often a matter of personal preference. Most are made of synthetic materials that will wick perspiration away from a runner’s feet, which helps them avoid blisters.


These running gloves have conductive fabric on the fingertips and thumb so runners can use a smartphone without removing their gloves. Cevapro

One of the funny things about running is how cold it can be outside, and you can still run and still stay warm. That is, you’ll stay warm except for your face and your hands. Fingers get especially chilled, since they’re exposed both to the cold temperature and wind. Consequently, a good pair of gloves can make cold-weather running much more comfortable. When choosing gloves for the runner on your shopping list, pay close attention to size. Running gloves should fit the hands snugly, without being overly tight. They, like running socks, should be made from breathable, moisture-wicking material to keep a runner’s hands warm and dry in even the coldest of weather.


For those who don’t cut back on their running even in the coldest of weather, leggings are another great gift idea. For cold-weather outings, runners need leggings with some insulation built in to help keep their legs warm. Some popular features to look for when shopping for leggings, also called running tights, include reflectivity for safety purposes, a zippered key pocket, and a high-quality waist band so they don’t constantly try to slip down. The best running leggings fit tightly so they can’t chafe and are made of breathable, moisture-wicking materials like nylon-spandex blends.