Grilling is a form of cooking that requires separate tools from the ones you normally use in the kitchen. The high heat, large cooking surface and the perpetual danger of food falling between the cracks means that you can’t use most basic utensils. There are some essentials that you’ll need in any set.

Sturdy and Stylish

Nearly two dozen tools in an included deluxe aluminum carrying case, including a digital temperature fork. Cuisinart

Whether you opt for charcoal, gas or wood, you’ll absolutely need a set of tongs for snatching cobs of corn, onions, hot dogs and so many other delicious items off of the grill. Grill tongs should be longer than regular kitchen tongs, since the heat of the grill forces the cook to stand a little farther back.

Classic Design

This grilling kit also includes skewers for making kabobs. Cuisinart

Aside from a set of tongs, a spatula is the other really essential piece of grilling equipment. Just like tongs, grilling spatulas aren’t quite like the ones you’d use in an indoor kitchen. Certain materials, like silicone, are too flexible to use on a grill; you don’t want to accidentally push food through the grates. But you also want a little bit of flexibility in your long-handled grilling spatula, to slip under burgers and fish without tearing through them.

Tough and Durable

Designed to be able to handle and turn large cuts of meat including whole chickens and large racks of ribs. Alpha Grillers

Brushes are often an overlooked and underrated grilling tool. They are usually made from silicone, which is nicely heat resistant and easier to clean than bamboo or animal hair. You can use basting brushes during grilling to add extra flavor or fat—this can stop your food from becoming dry if its natural fat drips through and burns off. Garlic or herb oils, butter or sauces can be applied right at the end of grilling, so they cook or caramelize but don’t burn.