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Western clothing is loved by many Americans because you don’t have to be a cowboy to wear western clothes. You just need to have an eye for fashion and enjoy the look jeans, boots, and a cowboy hat give you. For some, they are the most comfortable clothes they have ever worn. When shopping for a gift for the western wear lover in your family, you won’t go wrong with these three gift ideas.


These mid-calf western boots feature full-quill ostrich feet with full-grain leather uppers. Ariat

A good pair of western boots are both a thing of beauty and a fashion statement. One choice to be made is whether getting boots with pointed or square toes. Since most people buying western boots nowadays won’t be mounting a horse anytime soon, this is largely a matter of individual style and personal choice. Comfort is also critical. Boots with gel foot beds and removable orthotics made of breathable materials are the most comfortable. Another thing to consider is sole materials. Soles made of slick leather might be good for dancing, but they’re not ideal for walking on ice or other treacherous surfaces. Likewise, lugged sole boots won’t scoot around the dance floor as good as boots made for that purpose.

Western Belt

This leather Western belt features a basket-weave texture and an ornate silver buckle. Ariat

Nothing brings out the beauty of a pair of western boots like a nice western-style belt. The width of a western belt affects the size and style of buckle that can be used with it. Buckle widths should match the width of belts they are worn on. Straight western belts are generally 1½-inches wide, and tapered belts are usually 1¼-inches at the back, tapering to about one-inch at the buckle area. Leather is the most used material in making western belts, and adornment can range from very little to all manners of bangles and bling covering nearly the entire length of the belt. In the end, the belt you choose should fit the personality of the person who will be wearing it.


This classic 4X Stetson is made of a wool felt blend and has a hand-tooled leather band. Stetson

Nothing says western wear like a good cowboy hat. And when it comes to cowboy hats, there’s more to buying one than just grabbing one off a shelf. Most western hats are made of felt, straw or wool. The most common type, felt, is categorized by X markings, which denote the amount of beaver fur used in making the hat and are usually found on the inside of the crown. Hats with a higher X value are more expensive, but are also usually more durable and feel more comfortable. One important factor to consider is face shape of the person who will be wearing the hat. Guys with thin, elongated faces look best in hats with a medium crown height. Full, round faces look better in hats with a low crown height.