Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Guitar Case

A guitar is no small investment, so be sure to protect it with the best case you can afford.

Electric guitar in case
If you love your guitar enough to give it a name, then be sure to get a case that keeps it in like-new condition.Rene Asmussen

You’ve named your guitar, right? You should! It’s part of who you are and how you express yourself. You want the best for it—so why skimp on your guitar case? When you’re choosing a home for your little beauty consider its size and style to fit the case snugly, as well as being made of material strong enough to withstand the rigors of travel with room enough for all the gig stickers you’ll collect. Here are a few other notes to ponder as you shop.

Guitar Shape and Size

ChromaCast CC-EHC Electric Guitar Hard Case
This hard case is designed for solid body electric guitars.ChromaCast

Your guitar case should fit your guitar like a glove. If it doesn’t, your guitar will rattle around and can easily be damaged. Many case manufacturers will specify the make and model of guitar for which the case is designed. If you can’t actually check your guitar’s fit, be sure to carefully measure the length, width and depth and choose a case for the specific body style of your guitar.


Yamaha AG1-HC Hard Case Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Case
This hard-shell case is vinyl-covered and comes in different sizes for specific guitars.Yamaha

Hard guitar cases are made from plywood, injection-molded plastic or fiberglass. Plastic cases are lighter and have a good strength to weight ratio. Wooden cases are heavier but may offer greater protection. Some come with wheels. If you’re likely to carry in wet conditions, check for water resistance. In every case be sure latches, hinges and handles are high quality and well-attached, and that the interior is well-padded for a snug fit.

Travel Ready

Gator Cases Molded Flight Case For Acoustic Dreadnought Guitars With TSA Approved Locking Latch
This case is made with military-grade molded plastic designed specifically for air travel and has a TSA-approved lock.Gator

The guitar case you need will be different if you plan to travel with it. A gig bag might be fine for storing around the house or the occasional trip to play at a club, but it will never withstand airplane travel, and neither will your gig-bagged guitar. For heavy use and travel needs choose a case designed specifically for air travel.