Three Things to Consider Before Buying Guitar Picks

If you want to improve your playing, get a pick that’s comfortable in your hand and easy to use.

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Picks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and weights, so its important to find one that’s conducive to your playing style.ChromaCast

Pickin’ and grinnin’ might have to do with personal hygiene for some folks, but every musician knows it’s about that feeling of playing guitars (and banjos and mandolins) among friends. In order to be pickin’, you need a pick. Choosing a pick to fit your style is a personal thing often determined by trial and error, sometimes with more pickin’ and less grinnin’ until you get it right. Pick choices depend on style of play (flat pick or finger style) as well as personal preferences for pick thickness and flexibility, and grip texture. Here’s how to figure out which one is right for you.

Flat Picking or Finger Style

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Flat pickers hold the pick between thumb and forefinger, strumming chords down or up, or picking out notes on individual strings. Finger-style pickers use their thumb and single or multiple fingers to pluck strings in certain patterns or rolls, of which there are many styles. Finger pickers may use the calloused skin pads of their fingers, or their fingernails, or attach plastic or metal picks to their thumb and fingers.


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Thickness and flexibility depend on the material with which the pick is made. The classic material is tortoise shell, but its thickness is uneven, and it cracks easily. Today’s picks are mostly made of celluloid, nylon, Delrin, or other plastic material, in various thicknesses measured in millimeters. Regardless of material, the thicker the pick the less flexible it is, a matter of personal preference based on style of play and the sound you prefer from your guitar.

Grip Texture

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A flat pick is useless if it keeps slipping out of your fingers. Textured grip surfaces are preferred by some, as are picks made with specific nonslip materials.