Hate dealing with frizzy hair? Calm it down with the help of a hair straightening iron. By sliding this iron down your hair, you can tame it in minutes and create a completely fresh and polished look. When you’re ready to buy a hair straightening iron, look for certain features like multiple heat settings, built-in comb, and hair drying ability.

50 Settings

Multiple heat levels make it easier to dial in to a temperature that’s right for your hair. BaBylissPro

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Different types of hair work differently with heat, so it’s best to go for a hair straightening iron that has options. Especially if you are looking to experiment with different styles. The three main settings of high, medium, and low are important, but there are hair straightening irons out there that have far more settings—up to 50 different heating options, in fact.

2-in-1 Product

This one will cut your beautifying time in half. TYMO

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Sometimes it can be a pain to coordinate straightening your hair with using a brush. So why not use a hair straightening iron that is a straightening iron and a brush in one? This cuts your time in half and also cuts the amount of effort you have to put in in half as well. Chances are good you’d rather spend your time doing something else anyway.

High-Tech Design

This option performs multiple tasks at once. REVLON

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Detangle while straightening and volumizing with a hair straightening iron that has a built-in dryer. Many hair straightening irons can take the volume right out of your hair, but one that has a dryer will do the exact opposite. Plus, it means you don’t have to worry about blow drying your hair before running through it with a hair straightener. Anything that saves time is something to appreciate.