Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Hammock Chair Stand

A hammock chair stand makes your most comfortable seat completely mobile.

Traditional hammocks hang from tree limbs or porch beams and can be hard to move around. Hammock chair stands make these comfy seats mobile. You can relocate to follow the shade (or the sun), bring it to the beach, or tuck it close to a fireplace on cool evenings.

Stable And Rust-Resistant

This model supports up to 300 pounds. FDW


It may seem obvious but be sure whatever chair stand you’re considering is capable of holding the weight you plan to suspend from it. Consider also that while Grandpa might only weigh 150 pounds, grandkids on his lap will add to that number, not to mention the 100-pound family pet that thinks it’s a lap dog.

Put It Anywhere You Want

This 2-inch, 12-gauge steel frame is powder-coated to resist rust. Best Choice Products


If you’re using a hammock stand outside where it’s susceptible to sun and water damage, consider a model made with high-quality steel and finished with a rust-resistant coating.

Super-Durable Composition

This frame assembles without tools. Zupapa


Some chair stands sit on three or four legs, while others use a large frame as the base. The longer the legs and the wider the base, the more stable the stand will be. Just make sure the stand’s base dimensions fit the area you plan to place it.