Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Hammock Chair

A suspended hammock chair is one of the most comfortable seats you can own.

The first time you sit in a hammock chair, you might not want to get out. Climb into a well-designed hammock chair and suddenly it’s “rock-a-bye baby” and good-bye world. What’s not to love? Hammock chairs are more about attitude than anything else. Here are a few features to keep in mind as you shop.Caption: You can adapt this model for either the porch or a shade tree.

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26 cords are supportive and keep wight evenly distributed. Chihee

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Hammock chairs can be great space savers in the right situation. You can attach one either indoors or outdoors from a tree or beam on your porch, and remove it when it’s not being used, opening up more room to shuffle around. Before you buy, consider first where you might place your chairs to help you choose the best for your location, because you might realize you need more than one.

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If you don’t have attachment points strong enough to support the weight of a person, a free-standing frame (sold separately) is one solution. Don’t forget to check your hammock chair’s weight capacity before you make your purchase.

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The side compartments offer the perfect storage spot for books and magazines. Y- STOP

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Picking the right hammock chair fabric comes down to where you plan to hang and sit in it. If your hammock will be indoors, consider natural fibers like cotton and remember it won’t be as resilient to weather and UV rays as a synthetic material if you decide to relocate it outside. Outdoor chairs should be sturdy, and UV ray and water resistant, though some fabrics may still fade easily in the sun. Traditionally, hammock chairs are made from water-absorbing rope and canvas, so no matter what you buy, consider applying a mold prevention treatment before you hang it for the first time.