Breakfast time is always tough. Everyone’s in a rush, plus no one wants the same thing and who has time to clean up the mess? An electric hard-boiled egg cooker literally saves the day. You can load the machine up and turn it on and finish your morning chores. When the buzzer sounds, breakfast is ready: perfectly cooked eggs in your favorite style. Poached? Deliciously runny yolks? Hard boiled and ready for egg salad or deviled eggs? These machines can handle your early morning troubles with ease. Here are three things to think about when choosing a hard-boiled egg cooker.

Compact Option

This lightweight product weighs just one pound and doesn’t take up much room on a countertop. DASH

Most egg cookers work fairly similarly, so one thing to think about is how much space you want to devote to this breakfast staple. Unless you’re feeding a crowd–or you really, REALLY like deviled eggs–a small cooker that can handle a half-dozen eggs may be all you need.

This large-capacity cooker can handle up to a dozen at a time and plays a tune when your meal is ready. DASH

While these appliances are obviously designed for cooking eggs, many come with handy accessory trays that broaden their use considerably. Some egg cookers can also cook omelets, steam vegetables and fish, cook dumplings, and steam tortillas. If you’re looking for a machine that will work double or triple duty, make sure your choice comes with these handy cooking accessories.

Great for Dorms

This product has a built-in timer and automatically stops to prevent your food from overcooking. It’s available in a variety of hues. Elite Gourmet

Not everyone likes their eggs the same way. The best egg cookers offer a wide range of temperature settings, from soft- to medium- to hard-boiled eggs. And many offer a poached egg setting for a true gourmet touch.