Karaoke has turned singing in the shower into a form of public entertainment. Not art, but definitely entertainment. Home karaoke systems are great for both kids as well as Taylor Swift or Garth Brooks wannabes. Karaoke can both indulge your fantasies as well as support serious rock star impersonators and make your place the most popular party destination ever. A good home karaoke system has quality sound with enough volume to be heard, lots of versatility in the ways it can be used and offers plenty of connectivity options with electronics and external speakers.

This popular system features a sound equalizer, echo effects and more. KaraoKing

The point of karaoke is to sound as good as you can, and to be heard. A good home karaoke system will have enough volume to cover the room, and the ability to adjust the sound quality. It will have or be able to be connected to quality speakers, and a decent microphone.

This one features a CD+G player, as well as wireless streaming from other electronics. Singing Machine

Most home karaoke systems adapt to a variety of methods of playing music and projecting the words to the songs played. Many are Bluetooth enabled and connect with a smartphone, TV, or computer in order to play the song and see the lyrics. Some will play CD+G discs or connect with a player. Some offer the option to connect with a larger or more powerful speaker, or home audio system.

Digital Color Screen

This option is potable, has tons of features and enables the singer to tape their performance. Karaoke USA

Versatile home karaoke systems have features enabling them to be adapted to many home applications. Size, portability, and weight will determine whether it stays in one spot or is carried around as desired. Battery or auxiliary power is another factor. Connectivity determines how many ways the system can be used. The number of microphones is important. The ability to change volume and equalizer to match the singer is a great feature. Auto-voice control is another, filling in the vocals when the singer forgets the words.