A work-at-home desk needs to accommodate you and your materials, help you complete tasks, fit into a specific space, and compliment the rest of the room. A traditional desk that’s smaller than a standard desk works well for people who spend most of their time on one computer, whereas an adjustable (height) desk is ideal for alternating between standing and sitting. An L-shaped desk can accommodate multiple monitors and offer the greatest working and storage space. If you want to do your job from home and do it well, don’t get a desk that’s just “good enough.” Get a perfect one. Here are three desk styles that might help you become more productive.

Top Pick

This model has adjustable foot pads for sturdy and level installation. Tribesigns

If you don’t need a lot of desk space, avoid desks that occupy a large footprint in a room. Just make sure whatever size desk you choose is stable, because there’s nothing worse than a shaky, shifting work surface distracting you from your job. The work surface should also be durable and able to withstand spilled food and water.

Great Value

Press a button and move the surface height on this product to your exact liking. FLEXISPOT

If you like to alternate sitting and standing at your desk, consider one with an electric motor that adjusts the height of the work surface higher or lower. That way, you don’t have the clutter of a computer platform or the hassle of shifting your computer back and forth from a platform to a desk as you change positions.

Also Consider

This design makes it easy to keep multiple resources at your fingertips in a space-saving form. GreenForest

If you use two monitors, refer to or work on paper as well as a computer, or need to frequently consult books or ledgers, an L-shaped desk can keep it all within grasp. Put one in the corner of a room and it won’t take over the room as a full-sized desk might.