Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Household Squeegee

If you like glass in your home to look so clear you could walk through it, it’s time to ditch the paper towels and use a squeegee.

Keeping glass and other slick surfaces clean around the house can be difficult. Whether it’s soap film on the shower door, smudges across picture windows, or hardwater deposits such as lime and calcium that build up on automobile finishes, the best way to achieve the cleanest shine is with a common squeegee. They’re cheap, easy to store, and when combined with a window or glass cleaner, are the most effective way to keep a slick surface looking new and streak-free. Consider these features when shopping for this household multi-tool.

Streak-Free Shine

If you plan to use a squeegee often, get one that has a hanger so it’s always within easy reach. Hiware

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The wider the blade, the less work you are going to have to do. A blade in the 10- to 14-inch range will cover most tasks, from shower doors to car and truck windshields. If you plan to use the squeegee exclusively in a shower, make sure it has a reliable suction cup holder that will adhere to either the stall tile or the glass itself. Alternatively, a handle with an integrated hook is also a good option because it can be hung from a wire-frame soap basket or from the shower head itself without the worry of a suction cup letting go of the wall.

Slim Design

Rubber or silicone blades will glide over smooth surfaces easier than plastic blades. OXO

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Silicon and rubber are good bets for blade construction. These materials are flexible enough to skim water off the surface but stiff enough that you won’t leave streaks and patches behind. Squeegees with cheap plastic blades are less reliable, will not conform to the cleaning surface, and tend to warp over time.


Next to the blade’s composition, the shape of the tool plays a big factor into how much water it draws off surfaces. One Pass

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If you are looking for a do-it-all squeegee, consider a tool with a T-shaped silicon blade edge to pull water, soap, and other deposits off of almost any smooth surface. From detailing a car to washing down the living room windows or keeping shower glass crystal clear, one high-performance squeegee is all you need.