How to Burn Sage to “Cleanse” Your Space

Burn, baby, burn! Light up and get ready to welcome positive energy into your home or office.

Cultures around the world have relied on burning shrubs and herbs to “cleanse” their minds, bodies and homes for generations. Now you can try it at home, too. Here’s how.

Multiple Size Options

This West Coast–bundled set includes a trio of pesticide-free salvia apiana leaves hand-tied with cotton string. You can also choose different-length sticks if you want something a little shorter or longer. Alternative Imagination


To smudge your space, hold the stick of leaves over an open flame to light it, letting it burn for 20 seconds before blowing it out and letting it smolder. (If you can’t get it to light, loosen the leaves in the bundle to let in some oxygen.) Then go room to room slowly waving the stick around, starting at the front door and making sure not to miss corners, closets and other nooks.

Bonus Options

This set comes with a pretty bowl for resting your smoldering leaves safely, along with other accessories to help you fan the smoke around your home, then extinguish it. Sarimoire


Once you’re done smudging and want to put out your stick, don’t run it under water. Instead, extinguish it by grounding the lit end in an ashtray or on another surface (like a shell) so you can reuse it. Just be careful when it’s burned down to a short stub; it’ll be very hot, so consider tossing it and lighting a new one.

Good for Beginners

Has a blank space on the label where you can set your “intention” for your own self-care ritual. MAGNIFICENT 101


If the smoldering and dried herbs seem like too much of a production, get the catharsis you need with a sage candle. Just place the candle anywhere you want to invite in good vibes, light that wick, then call it a day. If you really want to follow tradition, crack open a door or window so the bad stuff has somewhere to go.