Sail shades are made from knitted polyethylene fabric, which blocks UV rays, stays cool and holds up well to nature’s elements. It’s also breathable, which means hot air won’t get trapped below and water won’t pool on top. Installation is a snap and requires no special tools or equipment, making them an ideal solution for providing shade over pools, swing sets, patios, seating areas and more. And unlike umbrellas, sail shades stay in place in the wind or rain when installed properly.

Easy to Install

D-rings—which are suggested for installing this canopy—are sold separately, so be sure to add some to your cart. Artpuch

Although many sail shades come with everything you need for installation, others require a small hardware kit. Be sure to check out just what tools and supplies you might need to install your cover safely and securely.

Adds Privacy

This cover filters out 95% of all UV rays, and keeps you cool when you’re under it. LOVE STORY

Sail shades aren’t just for escaping the sun—they can also be used to create a durable, makeshift privacy screen wherever you might need it. Use it in lieu of a fence, as a visual barrier between campsites or anywhere you want to avoid curious gazes.

Total Bargain

This three point cover comes with everything you need to install it, minus the rope. LOVE STORY

If you’re looking to spruce up your yard, a sail shade is a quick and effective way to add a pop of color while still maintaining functionality. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, which means you can create a shady oasis that fits your personal taste wherever you want.