Consumer electronics are nearly indispensable to modern life. From cellphones and tablets to smart TVs, personal computers, and the modems that power them, our reliance on digital technology is pervasive. Yet the maintenance of these essential devices is often ignored, leading to dust build-up that can block airflow, cause overheating, or even present a fire hazard in the presence of static electricity. Here are a few products that can help keep all your electronics running smoothly.


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A can of compressed air is calibrated specifically for the pressure needed to safely clean off keyboards, computer screens, and other sensitive hardware. They are also useful around the house or in the shop to blast away dust and gunk wherever needed.


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A general-purpose household blower is useful for more than just maintaining electronics. Pump heads can be changed to alter the air pressure for tasks as delicate as blowing out computer parts right up to inflating an air mattress. Clean dust from louvered blinds, blow off the blades of a ceiling fan, or air dry hard-to-reach surfaces with the simple change of a nozzle.


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Just about every appliance or tool smaller than a riding lawnmower now has a cordless version. The same is true for compressed air machines. Going cordless means greater versatility in the number of places you can service, and no more buying can after can of compressed air.