If you have kids, you know how vital it is to have an arsenal of tools to keep them entertained, especially when play is confined to indoors. Play tents can be a great way to keep kiddos engaged and busy while encouraging imaginative and independent play. With just a little bit of creative thinking, pop up play forts can be transformed into castles, clubhouses and calm down spaces. If finding the right playhouse feels daunting, no worries! We have you—and your kiddos—covered. Keep reading to find out what to look for in an indoor play tent.

Collapses flat in seconds, and the all metal frame is covered in durable nylon for added safety. Includes custom bag for storage. FoxPrint

Storage is almost always a concern for parents, especially when it comes to childrens’ toys and playthings. When looking for a great portable play tent, check out how much space it requires for set up and storage, as well as how much space it takes up when in use.

Opens up with a single flick of the wrist and is ready for play in seconds. Includes galaxy light to project planets and stars inside. USA Toyz

If you need to use a pop up play fort to save the day and distract your kids in a hurry, try one that can be erected in just a few seconds. Many tents offer a lightweight, collapsible aluminum frame that can be ready for play in a single motion.

Made with all natural wood and material. Includes extras like custom sized sitting pad and storage bag, and design accessories. little dove

One of the best things about pop up playhouses is their open ended potential for imaginative play. Look for an indoor tent that encourages your kiddo’s creativity to shine. Pockets to store toys and flaps that can close will let kids create their own secrets in their special space.