For men who love the outdoors, no bit of cold-weather apparel is more important than a quality jacket. Over the years, a trusted top layer becomes a piece of gear that men reach for with confidence day after day. Whether earning a living in frigid temperatures, playing hard in the snow, or just needing an extra layer for any situation, these three jacket styles have you covered.

The more you “break in” this type of jacket, the better it looks. Carhartt

A lined, cotton-duck work jacket is one of those pieces of apparel that not only keeps you warm but also becomes better looking the older it gets. For the ultimate in warmth and versatility, opt for a hooded or detachable-hood version.

A parka is one of the most popular, and useful, pieces of outerwear you’ll ever own. Wantdo

Skiing, hiking, snow shoeing, winter camping, and ice fishing all demand head-to-toe protection. A water-resistant, breathable ski parka will fit the bill for just about any snowy occasion. More vigorous pursuits (think skiing or snow-showing) usually call for an unlined parka with layers underneath, whereas more stationary cold-weather activities (ice fishing and snowmobiling) are better served with a lined or partially lined jacket.

This sharp-looking topper is water-resistant, compressible and very warm. Amazon Essentials

Compressible goose-down or synthetic-filled “puffy” jackets are extremely versatile. They can be donned as a single layer or worn underneath a breathable parka or rain shell to dramatically increase heat retention. Buffy jackets typically are not waterproof, and down loses thermal qualities when it gets wet, so always have a waterproof or water-resistant top layer if inclement weather is expected.