Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Jogging Stroller

A good jogging stroller can let you take your child along with you for your daily exercise.

The differences between a top-quality jogging stroller and a regular stroller are so great that about the only things they have in common is a place to strap your child and the word “stroller” in the name. Unlike traditional strollers that typically have smaller, hard wheels that do nothing to help reduce shock, jogging strollers have large tires filled with air for both a smooth and easy ride, and with a long distance between wheels—putting the front wheel out in front of your child’s center of gravity—fewer bumps and bounces are transferred to your child, keeping him or her safe and comfortable. Consider such factors as suspension, the amount of adjustment available and what safety features a stroller has when choosing the best one for you and your child.

No Bumps

This features air-filled tires and a special suspension system to ensure comfort over any terrain. BOB Gear

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Part of what makes a jogging stroller’s ride so much smoother than that of a regular stroller is the much larger tires that are filled with air. This helps absorb shock when going over uneven or bumpy terrain. But even with good tires, some places can get a little too bumpy for comfort. Consequently, choosing a jogging stroller with a good suspension system will not only leave your child more comfortable, but will also leave you more confident that you can go just about anywhere. Top-quality jogging strollers will have shocks that absorb the rough ride over unlevel ground for you, so your child doesn’t absorb that shock. If you might be prone to trail run or jog on extremely rough ground, make suspension a priority and find a stroller that has an excellent suspension system.

Versatile Option

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The ability to adjust a stroller also makes it easier and more comfortable to use than one with few adjustments. Some top-of-the line jogging strollers have adjustable tracking to keep the front wheel running straight. This allows you to make a quick adjustment if the stroller pulls or veers to one side when you are jogging. Adjustable handlebars also make life easier, especially for taller and shorter users, and for situations where both mom and dad want to use the stroller. Adjustability of the system used to strap your child into a stroller is also worth considering. Since top-quality jogging strollers are fairly big-ticket items, getting one that will grow with your child will provide you more bang for your buck in the long run.

Strapped In Safely

This features a five-point harness to hold your child securely in place as you exercise. Baby Trend

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While it might not sound like it, a locking front wheel is an important safety feature, as it keeps a rotating wheel from turning and causing an accident when jogging. The ability to lock the rear wheels when stopping on an incline also makes a jogging stroller safer for both you and your child. If your child is small, some jogging strollers are made to attach certain car seats directly onto them for ease of attachment and removal, as well as to keep your youngster secure. Good straps that will hold a larger child securely are also a must to keep a child from bouncing around or even climbing out when on the move. A good sunshade is also critical to help protect your child from dangerous overexposure to the sun. Note that most experts don’t recommend jogging with a baby under eight months old in a jogging stroller for safety reasons, and for those eight months to a year, many experts recommend only jogging on very smooth surfaces.