Three Ways to Keep Your iPhone Fully Charged

Giving your smartphone battery a boost simple, as long as someone hasn’t swiped your plug and cord.

iphone charger
Because Apple used thunderbolt ports on all of its most recent iOS devices, you can use one plug and cord to charge them all.Oiith

Apple has been a leader in smartphone and tablet technology since the close of the flip-phone Dark Ages. While iOS users tend to protect their mobile devices with the vigilance of an anxious parent, we bestow less attention on the charging cords. The wayward tethers tend to wander off, become lost, or get themselves abducted by some other iPhone user who “mistakes” your charger for their own. Prevent charger loss by always having one of these spares on hand.

Cable and Charger

iPhone cord
If your iPhone cord is missing, chances are good the plug is gone as well, so make sure you have extra sets in reserve.YOKERSU

Usually it’s the cord and adapter that run off together. When you have to replace both components, a USB-to-Lightening connection cable is the standard for iPhone 5 and later versions.

Cable Only

iPhone cables
iPhone cables are inexpensive, so it helps to have a few stashed in different places in case you or someone else needs one.OIITH

Because many automobiles, kitchen outlets, and other environments now have integrated USB ports, you don’t always need to have the 110-volt adapter to charge. Similarly, if the adapter is sound but the cable has become frayed or lost, it’s easy to replace it with a durable braided cord.

Cables in Multiples

iphone charger
To make sure you always have a charge cord handy, stash one anywhere you might need to power up your iPhone.WUYA

Instead of toting one complete charging unit from location to location, which is the easiest way to lose it, consider buying cords in multiples. That way you can leave a cord plugged into several of your most frequently used USB power stations and always have a means to charge your iOS device.