How to Keep Your Pet Entertained While You’re Out

Your pets likely miss you when you’re gone, but with a little help from technology, you can keep them distracted and observe their behavior any time of the day.

Dog on smartphone app
These days, you can use a smartphone to see and talk to your pet no matter where you are.TOOGE

You would rather stay at home and play with your pooch or lounge with your cat, but you have to go to work. This means Fido is stuck home alone for eight hours or more a day. If you’re concerned, they’ll either be bored or somehow get into trouble, make that time more enjoyable for your pets by using a game or camera to communicate with them. They’ll be happier overall, and less likely to take their frustration out on your furniture.

Mind Games

Furbo Dog Camera
A simple game can keep your dog entertained, especially if it hears your voice through a smartphone app.Furbo

Give your pet some toys that will challenge their minds. Instead of just grabbing a simple rope or fuzzy mouse, select a toy that incorporates some sort of a puzzle. There are a variety of toys available that can make your pet work to receive some sort of a reward on the inside, like a rawhide chew or a treat. Depending on the complexity, these can keep your pets entertained for hours.

Use Their Instincts

TOOGE Pet Camera
A simple game of hide-and-seek can be fun for a dog, especially if there are treats involved.TOOGE

Even though they’re domesticated, your pet still has some natural foraging instincts. Use this to your advantage and set up a fun scavenger hunt for them inside your house. Before you leave, shake the box of treats to get their attention, then leave them in another room while you hide a couple. They can spend the morning looking for the delicious bounty.

Talk to Them

Conico Wireless Camera
Paired with a smartphone there are some WiFi cameras that allow you to talk with your pets, and even pass out treats.Conico

Through the miracle of modern technology, you can now interact with your pet wherever you have cell service or a WiFi signal. For years there have been cameras that allowed you to keep an eye on your house while you’re away, but the latest crop of pet-specific cameras allow for two-way communication. Now, you can talk to your pets, and even throw them treats, all from your work cubicle. Check in throughout the day and reward them for their good behavior!