Three Keys to Buying the Best Bath Towel You’ve Ever Owned

The perfect way to compliment a good shower or bath, is ending it with a soft and absorbent towel.

Are you ready to swap out your old bath towels for some new ones? Chances are good we could all use an upgrade but picking out new towels isn’t as simple as just picking the one that is your favorite color. There are a few more things to consider when making your bath towel purchase that, in the long run, will make a world of difference. Here are three of them.


Pick a towel that has you feeling all sorts of warm and fuzzy when drying off after a shower. Cotton Craft

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After a nice refreshing shower, there are few things that feel worse than stepping outside of it to a rough feeling towel. You get oh-so Zen in your shower, and then “ouch!” Reach instead for a towel that promises to be the warm and fuzzy envelopment you are looking for post-shower. Look for a bath towel that is also oversized for extra coziness.

Fade Resistant

Having a towel that can withstand multiple washes without losing its color is key. Amazon Basics

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You may love the color of your towel after the first wash, but six months later, will it still shine so bright? You definitely want it to, so keep your eyes out for a bath towel that is fade resistant and that will be able to make it through multiple washes (as we hope you’ll be washing your bath towels regularly). Manufacturers have managed to make towels that will not fade, and also that are ultra-soft and tear resistant.

Quick Dry

A damp or wet, smelly towel is a bather’s worst nightmare. Amazon Basics

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If you find yourself showering often or living in a place that doesn’t have the best ventilation or air flow, then a quick dry towel is an absolute necessity. After getting clean and fresh in the shower, no one wants to grab a damp and smelly towel to “dry” off with. Instead, opt for a quick dry one that dries in almost no time and will have you feeling refreshed. Lightweight towels that are fluffy and able to absorb water quickly are what you want to look for.