Three Keys to Buying a Refrigerator Lock

Secure ways to protect your perishables from sticky fingers.

There are many different styles of refrigerator locks that provide different levels of security. Be sure to choose one that’s right for your needs. Whether your goal is to prevent a child from opening the kitchen fridge, keep medication under lock and key, or secure a refrigerator in a commercial location, there’s a lock that will get the job done.

Double Layer of Security

This lock features dual-button operation and a flexible strap. Munchkin

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Different refrigerator locks are designed to keep out different kinds of would-be intruders—from toddlers to snooping adults. As such, the types of locking mechanisms range from simple childproof devices to combination locks and padlocks.


This is a heavy-duty option. Computer Security Products

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A good refrigerator lock will use an adhesive that not only is super strong but will not leave behind residue or cause damage to the refrigerator’s surface once it’s removed. Be sure the one you buy makes this claim.

Keeps Kiddos Safe

With an adjustable-length strap, this option offers a good amount of utility. Jool Baby Products

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Some refrigerator locks, especially those meant to dissuade kiddos, can be used to deny entry to any number of off-limits locations (closets, ovens, trash cans, etc.). They can also serve a number of unintended purposes, like securing the door on an old cabinet or replacing a busted lock on a tackle box or toolbox.