Great Toys for Keeping Kids Active Outdoors

Keep kids engaged and energized outside for hours with these great sets.

kids toys for outdoors
Toys that imitate real objects like camping gear are perfect for imaginative children.Marky Sparky

Getting kids outdoors is a great goal, and you can get closer to reaching it by providing them with gifts that are fun to play with, stimulate their imaginations, and maybe even provide a little extra exercise outside. Here are three gifts for three different age groups of boys or girls that are sure to please—a camping set for those three and up, a rocket launcher for ages 6 and older, and an archery set for ages 8 and above. Give these gifts and watch kids head for the back door for some fun time outside.

Camping Gear Set

play camp
A play camp set allows kids to set up a camp of their own inside or out for hours of playtime fun.FUN LITTLE TOYS

Any kid can set up a camp of their own with this pop-up tent and camp kit set. The collapsible pop-up play tent sets up in seconds to provide a great mini play space or a cozy spot to take a nap or read a book. The battery powered lantern lights up bright with the push of a button and the glow on the pretend gas stove can be raised or lowered, just like the camp stove that mom and dad use. Other camp essentials include binoculars, utility knife, cooking pan, plates and a shovel. The 4-in-1 emergency survival whistle has a flashlight, compass, and thermometer function built right in.

Foam Archery Set

foam-tipped archery set
A foam-tipped archery set can shoot arrows over 100 feet at blazing speeds.Marky Sparky

Dads and moms love shooting bows. Now your kids can join in the fun with a bow of their own that shoots foam-tipped arrows over 100 feet. Durable, lightweight, foam-tipped arrows provide safety without compromising distance, power, or fun! Simply load the arrow, pull back, and watch arrows fly a long way. The archery set is made with high-quality, non-latex and phthalate materials and it includes six arrows that snap into the quiver for easy access. The launch tube is removeable for easy storage or travel.

Rocket Launcher

Launch a rocket
Launch a rocket over 200 feet in the air and keep kids active with a jump-and-launch set.Marky Sparky

Who doesn’t like launching rockets? Now boys and girls can launch rockets over 200 feet in the air and get plenty of exercise at the same time with this amazing rocket set. Kids just jump on the launch pad to send rockets flying. This set is great for backyard fun and is perfect for groups and parties where everyone can join in the fun. Since they have to jump on the launch pad, kids get a heart-healthy workout while developing sharing and social skills. A set includes the blast pad launcher and three 10½-inch long rockets with foam tips. You can order replacement rockets separately.