Three Features to Look for in a Kitchen Trash Can

Get the garbage can that’s right for you and your home.

There’s more to consider than you might initially think of when it comes to picking a trash can. What shape and size is it? How does the lid open? Does the lid lock? And can it double as a recycling bin? Consider the following as you purchase a kitchen trash can.

Easy to Open

This bin works in domestic or professional settings, inside or outside, and it comes in three different colors. Umbra

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The first features of a kitchen trash can you need to look at are the dimensions and the shape. While traditionally trash cans have been circular, square or rectangular options are becoming more common and, when space is at a premium, a square can really maximize all the available area. If you’re thinking of sliding a can under a counter, think about how it opens as well—you don’t want to end up not being able to open the lid far enough to put anything in it.


Its motion-sensitive mechanism allows easy access but can be locked to stop Fido from foraging, and integrated technology minimizes bad smells. iTouchless

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Think about the opening mechanism of your trash can. There are various options from the traditional lifted lid, to a swing opening, a pedal mechanism and even touch-free lids that open in response to the movement of your hand above a sensor. There are pros and cons for all of them. While a removable lid may do a good job of containing any odors, you’ll need a hand free to lift it. Similarly, while a touch-free sensor seems the easiest option, you’ll need to ensure that the batteries are kept charged—or your can is plugged in—in order to use it.

Eco Option

With two separate bins to facilitate easy sorting of waste, this pedal bin also has a concealed pocket for liners. simplehuman

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With more of us recycling than ever before, it makes sense to consider a divided trash can that allows you to separate your waste as you’re throwing it away. A multi-bin solution can be neater than having multiple cans in your kitchen, while still letting you determine exactly how you sort your recyclables.