Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Ladder Ball Game

Ladder ball is a simple, easy to learn backyard game that’s fun for all ages.

It goes by ladder golf, monkey golf, hillbilly golf and ball rope, but whatever you call it, ladder ball is a blast. The concept is simple: Players toss two balls that are tethered to a short rope on a simple ladder-like framework, attempting to rack up points by wrapping the ball around the rungs with the highest points. It’s a great game to play while chatting and laughing with friends, having a drink or snack, and waiting for the burgers to grill. And ladder games are inexpensive and easy to move from backyards to local parks to beaches.


This option comes with a sand-filled base tube for a sturdy setup. Rally and Roar

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The first ladder ball games were simple affairs made of PVC pipe, glue, and duct tape. PVC games still get high marks because they are easy to move around, easy to break down, and light for easy transport. The only knock against PVC is that they’re relatively easy to knock over with a hard-slung boa. Sturdier wooden games can handle the hardest hurled balls. Ladder games made from metal are the toughest of all, and the heaviest.

Simple To Assemble

This product is lightweight and easy to stow in a car for transport. AmazonBasics

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Affix two balls together with a short cord, and you’ve made a “bola.” And the bola is what you toss in ladder golf. Bolas were originally made from golf balls, and the most authentic sets use golf balls weighted with brass. But plastic and rubber bola balls work just fine, and are typically less expensive.

Supersize Me

The things you toss are softer than other models so it’s safe for indoor play. GoSports

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Not all ladder games are the same size. Younger players might have better luck with an oversized game, and you can always set the ladder frames farther apart to increase the challenge level.