Three Things to Consider Before Buying LED Light Strips

A string of small, efficient, multi-colored lights can turn any dark room into a glowing hotspot.

LED light strips
Most LED light strips have multiple color options and program settings that allow you to customize how bright and frequent the lights illuminate.Minger

Who knew how easy it is to turn your living room into Studio 54? With a few minutes of LED strip light installation and a music programming app you can have your house pulsing to “Welcome to the Jungle” in no time! Or maybe it’s Garth or Jay-Z. Whatever your taste in music, LED strip lights might even make you cool for your kids (well, maybe not “that” cool). When choosing LED strip lights, consider the control options you need, the length needed for the space you’re planning to fill, and just how wild and crazy you want to get in your programming.

Control Options

DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights
This product features a 44 key programmable infra-red remote controller that works at a maximum of five meters.DAYBETTER

Most LED strip lights feature a handy remote control. Some interface with smartphones or computers, via Bluetooth. Additionally, some offer voice control options through Alexa or Google Assistant. Check for the maximum distance at which the remote controller works.

Strip Length

50Ft LED Strip Lights Music Sync Color Changing RGB LED Strip
This LED strip light set is 50-feet long and comes with two strip connectors for easy splicing if needed.Nexillumi

LED strip lights come in a variety of lengths and number of LED lights per length. Some are customizable with LED strip connectors that enable you to cut and mold the LED light strip more easily, or to attach additional lengths of LED strip lights to extend the string. Choose a light set of proper length for your needs or be sure your lights are splice-enabled. Consider also whether you need a strip light set that’s waterproof.

Programming Options

MINGER LED Strip Light Waterproof
This LED strip lighting is waterproof and automatically changes color and speed or can be programmed with the remote control.MINGER

LED strip lighting is highly programmable, with options depending on the product. Basic programming packages include light intensity, color variation and rhythmic pulsing. Some LED strip lights offer options including pulsing to the beat of live or recorded music in the room or linking to your alarm clock.