Brighten up your indoor or outdoor spaces with a little decorating with LED strip lights. It’s easy to start off small, but be forewarned: you might end up getting creative and ordering additional lights to electrify even more rooms, windows or special parts of your yard—disco-themed outdoor cooking area, anyone? Read on for more ideas on how the best LED lights can inspire good vibes in your space.

Easy to Customize

An adhesive on the back allows you to stick the lights to your walls, or underneath ledges and cupboards. DAYBETTER

Your LED light strip may come with some extra features, depending on which one you get. can be trimmed to fit whatever space you want to use them in. Others can be linked—using separate adapters—in any configuration you can dream up. Linking allows the strips to work with a single controller, rather than separately, and cuts back on cord clutter. One popular way to use them is to link strings together and line the crown molding of an entire room. For some pop that is not too over the top, try lining just one wall’s moldings.

Great Design

With these, you can only adjust brightness and change colors. MINGER

Many LED light strips are self-adhesive, so you don’t have to worry about how to attach them to surfaces. (That said, read the reviews! Some strips have stronger sticking power than others.) Self-stick LEDs can be used to line things you don’t want to use nails or clips on, such as the back of a large flatscreen television.

Smartphone Compatible

These can be extended with additional items and reach up to 32.8 feet. QZYL

Some light strips have the ability to sync to music, making them an excellent addition to a party space. Stick them underneath a bar, countertop and barstools, or on the back of your entertainment center to pulse with the beat.