Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Magnetic Screen Door

A screen door keeps bugs out while letting fresh air in.

A magnetic screen door makes it easy and convenient to open up the house. Think of them as full-coverage curtains with magnets sewn into their center seam, uniting their two sides closed. To walk in and out, simply part the seam with your shoulder and step into the great outdoors. Another benefit of a magnetic screen door is the ability for pets to move in and out of the house on their own. Add in the fact that magnetic screen doors turn away flies, mosquitoes, and other nagging bugs, and you’ll want one for every door in the house. Before you buy one, here is a short list of other features you should think about.

Seamless Open and Close

This model has a high-thread-count mesh for durability. Flux Phenom


The strong holding power of magnets makes these screen doors close so tightly you can barely see the seam. The more magnets sewn into the center seam the better since you’ll want it to stay closed tight enough in a breeze to keep the biting hordes at bay.

Easy Install

This product closes along the bottom so it won’t flap in the wind. Flux Phenom


The amount of air a magnetic screen door allows through depends on the mesh, and fabrics vary widely between manufacturers. Some meshes have a tighter weave than others, which keeps out the smallest bugs, but also appear dark in a doorway and won’t let quite as much air filter through. Think about how you want your door to function and choose accordingly.

In and Out

This model has a snap strap that holds everything out of the way during high-traffic periods. AUGO


Magnetic screen doors typically fit a variety of door sizes, but you should still measure your door opening and match it to a specific model. Some manufacturers sell magnetic screen doors that are large enough for double door openings and sliding glass doors. To install, either tack the door in place or attach hook-and-loop strips around the door frame.