Minimalist Wallets to Keep Your Cards and Cash In

Lose the huge wallet—you don’t need it anymore.

Our phones have replaced many of the things our wallets used to contain: for some of us, our phones might handle loyalty cards, credit cards, even public transit passes. But there are still some things that need storage. A minimalist wallet can hold onto what you need.

Sophisticated Style

It blocks scanners to protect your cards and comes in five fabric styles. Herschel

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Many debit and credit cards are equipped with RFID chips that allow you to tap them on a point-of-sale reader to pay for goods. Unfortunately, thieves can also scan those RFID chips and steal your information without you knowing it—even without removing any card from your wallet. Look for a minimalist wallet with an RFID blocker in it to protect your cards.

Lots of Storage

This has eight slots for cards, cash and your photo ID. Buffway

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If you need easy access to your photo ID at the bank, at work, or for purchases, look for a wallet with a see-through ID pocket. That way you can just flash it when you need it.


This pricier option can hold up to 12 credit cards, IDs and business cards. The Ridge

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Before you make your choice, think about how many cards and how much cash you want to be able to bring with you. Some slim wallets only have room for an ID and a couple credit cards, while others somehow fit 10 or more cards in a similarly small package.