Three Must Haves for Any Celebration

Get your party rocking with these fun and festive party supplies.

Kids celebrating at a party with party hats and favors
Nothing says “party” more than noise, glitz, food, and friends.The Culture Club

A party is unlike any other event because everyone you invite comes to celebrate. That means food, drinks, laughs, and a lot of festive, yet expendable, accoutrement. If you’re going to host a party, you want your guests to have fun. While we can’t help you with your guest list, we can point you to towards some party supplies that will help make your event festive and memorable. Here are a few.

Foil Fringe Curtains

GOER Metallic Tinsel Foil Fringe Curtains for Party Photo Backdrop
Goer’s metallic foil fringe curtains make for a fun and festive backdrop for photos and allow anyone to make a grand entrance into a room.GOER

You need at least a little bit of glitz at a party (if not a lot), and foil fringe curtains supply that in several ways. You can hang them over doorways so your guests can walk through them, making grand entrances even if they’re just closing the distance to the bathroom. You can hang one against a wall and put some balloons and garland around it, making it into a mural. You can even use it as a backdrop for photos and selfies, making everyone look a little bit better and feel like a VIP.

Champagne Flutes

TOSSWARE 9oz recyclable champagne plastic cup
Tossware’s 9-ounce champagne flutes are made of recyclable plastic and are shatterproof.TOSSWARE

Champagne is traditionally served in champagne flutes, tall and narrow containers that allow for good views of the bubbles as they make their way to the surface. Parties with adult beverages can get rowdy, so you may not want to serve champagne in crystal flutes. Those cheap throwaway plastic stemmed champagne glasses fall over in a gentle breeze, crack easily, and never seem to balance right. Go for quality plastic flutes that stand properly, allow the champagne to effervesce pleasantly, and can be reused for your next big event.

Confetti Balloons

Dandy Decor
Get balloons, confetti, and noisemakers all at once with Culture Club’s gold confetti balloons.Dandy Decor

A party isn’t a party without balloons, and a party isn’t a party without confetti and noisemaking. Get all three with confetti balloons. All you need to do is inflate them, and let your guests pop them at impromptu moments. The confetti will float down as you toast your friends.