Novelty socks aren’t just for Casual Fridays at work anymore. They’ve always made a great gift item, but these days you can slide by with novelty socks at all but the most formal events. When you’re ready to display your lifelong love of old cartoon characters, here are three things to think about when buying novelty socks.

This pair has a ribbed top to keep them from flopping down around your ankles. Odd Sox

There are a lot of hilarious socks out there, and there are plenty that might come across as too edgy for some consumers. If you’re buying novelty socks for a gift, make sure the joke or the artwork matches the buyer. Grandma or grandpa might now have your sense of humor, after all.

This pair is made with high-quality combed cotton for long-lasting comfort. Odd Sox

No matter how funky or funny the design or message, no one is going to wear (for long) socks so poorly made they cause blisters or turn your toes pumpkin orange. Everything you want in a dress or sport sock you want in a sock that looks like an attacking shark: good materials, seams that don’t bunch up, and socks that don’t fall down.

This pair is comfortable and makes for great loungewear. K. Bell Socks

The fact is, today’s more casual office environment means you can get away with artistic novelty socks just about every day of the week. If you or someone you know is the sort of person who might get a kick out of something a bit edgy and fun, then look for socks in more subdued colors that pair with khakis or jeans.