There’s a huge variety of potential outdoor speaker setups out there, ranging dramatically in price and features. Here are some things to consider to get you started.

Has a built-in mic so you can use voice commands for your phone. Bose

One great feature you might want in an outdoor speaker is some kind of hands-free control, whether that’s integration with Alexa, Google or Siri. This sort of voice control is ideal for playing music, since you can change the song or volume without staring at your phone (though you can control music with your phone, too).

Rain-, heat- and cold-proof, you can be sure this durable set will last. Polk Audio

An older option for outdoor sound is a traditional setup: passive speakers, a receiver or amplifier, and speaker wire. You can get far superior sound quality with this method, and if something goes wrong, you can replace (or upgrade) the individual components, rather than having to toss the entire system. Some of these speakers are also designed to go outside, with wind and rain resistance.

Waterproof, sand proof and dust proof—take to the backyard, beach, pool or camping. COMISO

Bluetooth or wireless speakers have come a huge way in the past few years, and today you can find these battery-powered speakers in a variety of sizes. For outdoor use, since you’ll have to compete with wind, huge spaces, non-ideal acoustics, and other noises, you’ll want a pretty big and powerful speaker. But there are lots of wireless options for that, and they have better sound quality than you’d expect. One other benefit of this style of speaker? You can simply pick it up and bring it inside when you’re ready—with no loss of tunes.