No one plans for the backyard BBQ to turn into a survival event. When the sun’s so hot you could fry an egg on the concrete, your guests need shade, and lots of it. Here are three things to look for when choosing a patio umbrella for your backyard.

This model shades enough area to cover up to 6 chairs. Abba Patio

Your patio umbrella should be large enough to comfortably shade the area desired. Because the sun moves, and so do the areas needing shade, consider how large and mobile you need your patio umbrella to be. Some are equipped with a base, making it more mobile than those inserted into tables. Be sure the base is heavy enough to keep the umbrella secure in the breeze.

This model is made of a waterproof polyester that is easy to clean. Sunnyglade

Look for a patio umbrella made with a durable canopy material that is fade as well as water-resistant. Many umbrellas feature UPF ratings for sun and UV ray protection.

This model comes with lights and can rotate in a full circle. Weighted base sold separately. Best Choice Products

Many patio umbrellas have features making them easier to use. A crank for raising and lowering the umbrella is handy, especially with larger canopies. Adjustable tilting is a great feature for following the sun as it moves. A wind vent helps manage the breeze as needed.