Three Places You Need to Bring Hand Sanitizer

If you’re concerned about catching someone else’s germs, keep a bottle of antibacterial lotion at your side.

As our world gets bigger and bigger, the opportunity to pick up germs is also growing, and because of that, things like colds and flus are moving around as quickly as ever. One friend or family member gets a cold and next thing you know, everyone you know has it too. That’s why hand sanitizer is your best friend. Ideally you want to wash your hands with soap and water, but that isn’t always an option, so hand sanitizer is the next best thing. This portable way of keeping your hands free of germs is great to take with you when you’re catching a flight, when you’re heading to work, and when you’re going grocery shopping.


Because there are so many people from so many places crammed on airplanes these days, the likelihood of sharing germs is very high. Purell

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Many people assume that the dirtiest place on an airplane is the bathroom. And while it certainly isn’t the cleanest, you’ll find the highest concentrations of dirt on the seatback tray. In fact, some studies have found that area to be eight times dirtier than the flush button in the bathroom. The reason for this? Because the cleanup that happens in this area is to clear garbage, not to sanitize. The bathrooms are more thoroughly cleaned. So you are going to want hand sanitizer to use before and after touching anywhere near the tray area in your seat.


One of the most common places for people to pass on germs is the workplace. Amazon

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When you spend eight hours a day indoors in an office with other people, there is no escaping germs. Unless your workplace cycles air through a failproof purifier, the germs from sneezes or coughs are passed around, not to mention the fact you’re touching the same doors, using the same bathrooms, the same printers and photocopy machines, as someone who might be ill. There are ample opportunities at the office to pick up some serious germs, so keep a pump bottle of hand sanitizer at your desk to use throughout the day (in addition to washing your hands).

Grocery Store

Unfortunately, many people still go to the grocery store when they’re sick and pass around their germs. Wet Ones

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Think of how many people touch shopping carts and shopping baskets, and think if you’ve ever seen anyone cleaning said carts and baskets? Most of you will say you’ve never seen them being cleaned, which is why it’s important to use hand sanitizing wipes to clean off cart and basket handles. It’s also a good idea to wipe your hands down after you’re done at the store, as you will likely be touching money or the card machine that many others before you have handled.