String lights add a touch of low-glow ambience to any outdoor setting. Inspired by French streetside cafés and bistros, commercial string lights offer just enough illumination to cook, party, gather, or entertain outdoors without being too harsh or overwhelming. They are simple to install, can be daisy-chained to any length, and add a touch of class to every environment. Here are a few places where decorative string lights shine.

Patios and Gazebos

Outdoor string lights are a great lighting solution that won’t ruin the mood of being outside in the dark. Brightech

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A set of waterproof string lights offer just enough illumination to grill without destroying the evening’s charm. String a set of lights along an eve or between trees alongside a patio for a warm evening glow.

Garden Paths and Walkways

Illuminating a dark walkway with subtle string lights is a good way to prevent trips and falls. SUNTHIN

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A dark outdoor walkway is not only unappealing, it can be downright hazardous. Light the way with string bulbs to showcase landscaping and garden paths after dark.

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor string lights can help “set the mood” at functions like weddings. addlon

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Outdoor or “barn” weddings have been all the rage for several years. A row or two of string lights adds rustic charm to an event and can be repurposed at home or camp after the wedding bells have rung.