Whether they’re crawling around in the grass or doing tummy time in the living room, a secure play yard gives babies space to explore and parents peace of mind. With a variety of sizes, smart design, and convenient features, it’s never been easier for little ones to play safe.

Expandable design that can be used as a safety barrier or enclosure. Amazon

Play yards are great for active little ones, but that doesn’t mean they’re just for babies. Pet parents can also use them indoors or out to keep dogs, bunnies and other small pets safe and secure.

Attachable, reversible leg pieces can switch from dull and rounded for interior use or sharp and spiked to stay in the ground. Amazon

Before buying a play yard, consider how and where you’ll use it. Maybe you want to block off a large area of your living room permanently to make a baby- or pet-proof playspace. Maybe you want a portable enclosure you can move outside on nice days or take with you on vacation. Whatever you decide, take note of the item’s size, weight, and dimensions.

At more than 2 feet tall and 7 feet wide, this pen has lots of room to roam. Toddleroo by North States

Play yards are bound to get messy, so you also might want to consider how yours will need to be cleaned. Check to see if any mesh or fabric materials can be removed for machine washing. Surfaces that can be wiped down are probably easiest—and even easier if you can hose them off in the yard or shower.